From dream to start-up

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Everyone has a dream. That of mine is taking shape today. Or how I exchanged a certain job of a teacher for a new start-up: live the passion.

The Prelude

My name is Danielle Verbruggen, teacher of special education and mother of two fantastic children: Lucas and Luna. All my life I have been fascinated by the wonders of nature and consciously engaged in healthy food. Thanks to my childhood and the people who crossed my path through the years.

The emergence

The story of Lunalu originated in 2009 during the pregnancy of my first child Lucas. I had to draw up a birth list. What turned out? There are very little ecological toys and baby and children's clothing of biological origin. I had a choice of wooden toys and a limited and sober range of organic clothing for babies and children.

Many hours I searched on the internet for hip toys and beautiful clothes. But I had to put it with the sober or too bright collections of organic clothing, some brands of wooden toys and an abundance of bright plastic toys. And here I set high standards because I do not want my child to ingest toxic substances. But even in the brief offer, there are still a lot of substances in the plastic that do not belong there.

I asked myself if there would be no other option. Would there be no plastic without all these additives, without harmful substances?

The quest

With my background as a student laboratory technician, I investigated and immersed myself in the chemical world of polymers. My search led me to the biopolymers and this led to a contact with a company that had switched from those common polymers to the biopolymers (plastics with natural raw materials).

Duty consciously I kept - and still keep - a journal (recommended): a booklet where I noted all my ideas and new discoveries for my baby and children's line. I compared the existing brands, the pros, and cons, and this eventually led me to the way I wanted to go with my products. Gradually everything started to take shape ...

The start

Because I worked full-time in the initial phase and combined Lunalu with my family, things went slowly. Even when I was pregnant with my second child Luna and later worked part-time. That's why I decided to put my job as a teacher aside and go for my dream. Time to follow my passion. Time to form my idea: Lunalu.