Durable from cotton to plastic

Lunalu only works with ecological, sustainable and recyclable materials. If possible, in accordance with the vision of the circular economy or C2C (cradle to cradle). We combine our love of nature with hip and innovative collections.

‘One person can make all the difference in the world. For the first time in recorded human history, we have the fate of the whole planet in our hands’


Organic cotton

As the basis for our textile designs, we opt for organic cotton, among other things. It is not only fair trade but also free of pesticides or other harmful substances. This way the cotton farmers get a fair price and you are sure of a sustainable and healthy product.


Green thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) also called thermoplastic rubbers which can be elastic and thermoplastic (soft). These contain raw materials from renewable sources such as vegetable crops.

Why are we just going for biobased?

The ordinary plastics are mainly a by-product of oil, a decreasing resource. By choosing a biobased product and renewable materials, we also offer opportunities for sustainability here.

Crops for industrial use can be grown in poor soil that is not suitable for food crops, avoiding the movement of food crops and improving biodiversity. Planting these crops can also help to reduce CO2 levels.

The additional benefit of a Green TPE is that it is 100% recyclable. It feels very soft, ideal for a teether.

Natural colors

Lunalu consciously chooses to use 100% natural paints, only of natural origin! And this without the addition of a UV filter. This is a deliberate choice because UV filters are inorganic. In this way we guarantee a completely safe and natural product with respect for the child and the planet!

FSC wood and rubberwood 

FSC wood

Wood is a beautiful, renewable raw material with many advantages compared to other materials. We naturally opt for wood from sustainably managed forests.


Rubberwood, or rubberwood, is a type of wood derived from rubber trees, mainly from the plantations in Southeast Asia. 

Rubberwood is one of the most ecological types of wood. The wood is only used after the full cycle of latex production has ended. Moreover, it is circular because we now use what was burnt in the past. The volume of rubberwood lumber that becomes available in this way avoids logging of approximately 600,000 hectares of natural tropical forest.

Our Belgian supplier has its own plantation and uses only 20% for import. These are grown by local farmers, always for a fair price.  Production is done in Belgium. 

We use natural oils to protect these beautiful woods. It colors and protects the wood!

The trumps of our oils

  • It enriches the natural appearance of the wood
  • 0% VOC *
  • 0% Solvents
  • Easy to maintain

* 'Volatile Organic Compounds' is the collective name for the chemical components in an oil that evaporate during application. "Organic" refers to the chemical composition of the components, while "volatile" refers to the fact that they evaporate while the oil dries up.

Why are they dangerous?

When products containing VOCs are used, vapors are released that are harmful to humans and the environment. Regular or excessive contact with these vapors can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems and eye problems. They affect the ozone layer and increase the greenhouse effect.