Designers with an ambition

As environmentally conscious parents and designers, we develop sustainable and recyclable products that make a difference for children and planet. Of course, we do not do that alone. Together with you and a team of like-minded people, we are building a better world.

‘Love the earth as you would love yourself’ John Denver

Danielle Verbruggen

As a mother of two, Danielle has been fascinated by the wonders of nature for years. She combines her love for children and passion for attractive design with a progressive focus on sustainability.

'Let's change the world and start with our children'

Bart Van houcke

Bart creates solid, stylish products with a nice twist. A design is only successful if it leads to something and offers added value. Either in shape. Whether in function. His motto? 

‘We design products that make you smile, that make you dream, that make you live your life …’

Sofie Hermans

With creative designs, Sofie adds a unique identity to textiles. She designs and draws with attention to stories and symbolism. It's that important added value which increases the sustainability of a design.

'Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up' Tate Linden

Tore Bleuzé

Product designer Tore loves the power of simplicity. His designs combine function with an apparent modesty in which every detail is characterized by honest, meaningful and affordable products.

'Keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it real'