A creative animal group

Friendly animals that grow with your child. Our animals - each with their own name and character - are the main theme in the baby and children's collection. From playful to social. From lively to exuberant. Get to know them and discover them yourself in the offer.

Polar animals


Felix de pinguin

Lively, noisy and always eager to play with others. Felix the penguin uses his wings to swim instead of flying. He is super sweet because friends can always count on him.


Freya de walvis

Wonderful and powerful. Freya the whale is big, impressive and lives in harmony with nature. Freya is very social and intelligent. The sweet face feels completely at home in the water.


Frode de ijsbeer

Frode the polar bear is tough, strong and also a bit crazy. He lives in and around the North Pole and likes to take his time. Just head under the water in search of good food? Frodo just loves the sea!


Finn de zeehond

Finn is small, honest and friendly. The seal is a real champion: diligent and active. She only comes out of the water to take a nap or sunbathe. Finn the seal feels best in small groups.


Jules het rendier

Sometimes, Jules, the reindeer is a bit wild. He has a great stamina and can walk for hours on end. Jules lives in a large group. This way he steals the show from time to time with his friends.

Wildlife animals


Lenn de leeuw

A friend who is sensitive and protective. The lion loves humor and tells fascinating stories himself. Lenn loves sleeping, playing and eating. In that order!


Lise het nijlpaard

Lise the hippo is carefree and a real bon vivant. She may look big and slow, but do not be mistaken. If the need is the highest, she is quick.


Nora de giraf

A beautiful body with graceful movements. Nora the giraffe is a welcome guest. She is friendly with everyone and very intelligent. She likes to keep the overview in the group.


Lars de panda

Always happy, cheerful and playful. Yes, Lars, the panda is a cute teddy bear. He is very friendly and always happy when he can play with his friends. At least, if he does not sleep. Because he likes to do that too.


Elsa de olifant

Elsa is an Asian elephant. A family is her everything, but she also enjoys difficult games and romps in the water. Her memory is impressive, as is the grace of her step.