Biodegradable plastic

Lunalu stands for an ecologically responsible use of every raw material. Also plastic. That is why we consciously opt for Green Plastic. This so-called green plastic is made from sugar cane and is completely biodegradable.

Durable plastic

Traditionally, plastic or plastic is made from petroleum. Green Plastic is made from sugar cane. The fibers of the natural plant form the ideal breeding ground for a plastic that is completely biodegradable and contributes to a clean air.

Plastic without greenhouse effect

With green plastic, green is not the color. Well for the fact that the raw material - sugar cane - absorbs CO2 from the air and is recyclable. This means that our products all reduce the greenhouse effect. Healthy for people and the environment!


Environmentally friendly plastic

Green plastic is as robust as plastic made from petroleum or petroleum. It has the same high quality. This kind of plastic is one of the most common plastics in the current industry. But we opt for a sustainable alternative! The only difference? Our plastic is of natural, renewable origin, namely sugar cane (pruning waste or residues from production)!