ARTUUR - desk

Designed and made in Belgium

Trendy desk with matching stool in Scandinavian design. From 3 years.

This desk is designed for children to fully enjoy. It invites you to be creative, but it can also be used to do your homework. Always in attractive colors and sustainable materials.



Ecological children's furniture from natural wood

Make your study time fun with this desk and matching stool. Choose from a trendy color palette. To make the playing time more enjoyable, the desktop can be turned into a drawing board thanks to the safe lever system and the leaf stopper. The well thought out design ensures that you can adjust the height of the legs so that it can grow with your child for many years.

The furniture is made of sturdy rubberwood. This makes the table very durable and ready for years of use. Only natural oils are used, which makes it possible to grow up in an environment without harmful substances. The furniture has a storage compartment that is located under the safe lever system so that the child can keep his books and other drawing utensils at hand. The container on the side keeps your colored pencils and pens easily accessible. This is made from biobased bioplastic. The container has an extra asset and can be personalized in your favorite animal within the Lunalu collection.

If you want to make your desk totally hip, add our trendy lamp.

Custom type for schools

The furniture has a fixed top and two storage compartments with a fixed partition. The frame can be made of metal, making cleaning much easier. These are also adjustable in height. A steel hook for the bookbag can be attached to one side. On the other hand, the tray for the writing utensils can be attached.



  • Adjustable and interchangeable legs (wood or metal)
  • An extra line on the worktop - tiltable for use as a drawing table
  • Storage compartment - a choice from a writing desk or school desk (fixed top and 2 separate dividers in the middle) Sustainable FSC wood
  • Natural paints and oils (different colors), free from formaldehyde
  • 100% recyclable biobased bioplastic pencil holder Safe for children and the planet without BPA, PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, petrochemicals or additives, only with natural paints.
  • Lamp available separately
  • Washable with natural cleaning products (no abrasive


This toy stimulates: