The world of Lunalu

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Which name fits better with the brand of my dreams, as the names of my two children?

Good for the environment, the children and the parents

Right. The first step has been taken. From now on I focus all my time and energy on Lunalu. Because it is my dream. Because I believe that babies, children, and parents have the right to toys and accessories that are good for the world, for the environment and for themselves.

But a brand needs a name. The combination of the two names of my children turned out to be ideal. After some testing, I came to the perfect name. Lunalu was born.

Belgian design with added value

Lunalu is only as strong as the designs and the clear theme. So I went to work. First with own designs, then by using the help of experts. Designers who combine form and function with the same passion for sustainability into an attractive whole with added value. This is also evident in the logo. The green accent in the logo is not accidental. It is the base of Lunalu.

Creative animals

Lunalu is a brand with a story. A clear ecological and sustainable focus. But also a brand that sharpens the creativity and curiosity of children. My own children were the inspiration for that. Which animals appeal to them? Together with them, we selected 5 polar animals and 5 wild animals. The animals grow along with the children themselves. From baby to toddler. From toddler to young teenager. Which animal is your favorite? You choose that yourself.