The right partners for a sustainable collection

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Love the world, as you love yourself. Lunalu is more than just a collection for babies and children. It is a broad cooperation of like-minded partners.

Spontaneous help

Launch a new and spacious ecological brand. It is not an obvious assignment. But if you believe in something, you just do it. And guess what? Lunalu is certainly not alone. The spontaneous support and practical tips at the start of Lunalu are heart-warming.

Local partners

It has had a lot of feet in the earth, but today we can proudly say that all partners of Lunalu work and manufacture in Belgium or a neighboring country. That proximity is essential in Lunalu's vision. By locally manufacturing and producing, we keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

That they are easy to find, those ecological, local partners? No. Either the companies choose to divert abroad, others remain in Belgium and seek partners abroad and others remain in Belgium but step away from the 100% ecological aspect. But hey, we succeeded.

Ecological materials

From location to composition. Sustainability is one of the most important factors with Lunalu. This is evident in, among other things, the composition of the products. From the origin of the raw materials to the final end product: everything must be as organic and natural as possible and this within Belgium. That is a search in itself.